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    Zigong  Zhong Bang Cultural Communication co., LTD is specialized in simulation of dinosaurs,lantern culture and art communication planning、organization and service.Our company adheres to the  business philosophy of "Strive for perfection, dare to innovate", All for customer's satisfaction;Constantly develop new products.The traditional production technology combined with modern science and technology, thus demonstrates the characteristics of large-scale, comprehensive and dynamic.

    We have  more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Our company is professional in simulation of dinosaurs activities planning, production, exhibition, leasing, lantern and the urban landscape design, city-lighting project.Our company has a group of  senior planners , designers , engineers ,who hold the spirit of "Taking the company's development as our own responsibility" We also have a professional marketing and network marketing team . With management as the core , they are united , Dedicated , no-nonsense.They dare to struggle and have rich experience , superb technology.They have laid a solid foundation for the company's rapid development.

    The dinosaurs made by our company not only have highly ornamental value , but also are added the elements of entertainment and interest . Our company continues to innovate , research and develop more , newer , more popular simulated works of art and landscape.We will practice the concept of "Multi-win cooperations create the future" , sincerely develop with domestic and foreign customers together.For all-win harmony, we will  service for you with professional technology and all sincerity.


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